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Almut Yakovleff

As a young child, Almut remembers watching a potter at the wheel making one piece after another and was mesmerized. She decided that was what she wasnted to do when she grew up. She carried that dream w ith herand after high school apprenticed with diffeent potters to learn the art. The craft of pottery is the combination of all of the Earth's elements; earth, water, air and fire, transforming the lump of clay into an everlasting piece. "I  enjoy the interplay, creativity, and the unkown involved in the process."


All of Almut's pieces are made on the wheel and indivuduall designed. She mixes and makes all of her own colors and glazes using raw materials such as flint, feldspar, cobalt, and more. There is quite a bit of chemistry involved in making all the lements wotk together. She enjoys the ever flowing process of making each piece of pottery. 

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