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Bob Taylor

Bob is the owner and master welder, with his son, Jim, at Taylor Welding Service in Alstead, NH. His father owned an autobody shop and taught Bob to weld, just as he has taught his son. As a young boy, his mother encouraged him to take art classes. This experience contributed to his fascination with making art out of scrap metal, spare parts, bits of pipe, and any other odd piece of metal he could weld together. Along with Jim, he creates pieces of all sizes; from small ladybugs and turtles to towering griaffes and mastodons. They build from scratch with no designs, no drawings or measurements, just a sense of shape an form in their heads and their keen eyes for how the pieces with fit together. 

Bob strives to bring metal to life with the tip of a welding torch. His most popular pieces are herons with long graceful nexks and legs and black ravens or crows with marble eyes. Some scrap metal does not lend itself to common animal forms, but instead an imaginary warrior or exotic animal for the viewer's imagination to identify. Much f Bon's wprk sells at fairs, but he always enjoys yhe challenge of a commisoned piece, such as the large bear at Alyson's Orchard or the six foot vlack squirrel for the Acorn Alley II Shopping Center in Kent, OH.

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