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Carla Boyington

Mill Brook Fiber Works

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Carla has been interested in making art since she was a child, but it was only after taking a felting class that she became a fiber artist. After graduating from SUNY New Paltz with a B.A. in art history, Carla went on to work at a living history museum in Westchester, N.Y. This is where she first began to explore fiber arts, learning to knit, spin, and weave wool from animals on the museum’s farm. After receiving her M.L.S. from Long Island University, she worked as a public librarian and later started working in schools. All this time, though, she still craved a more creative outlet.


Given her longtime interest in fiber, felting and dyeing are the perfect outlet. Nuno felting, the process of felting wool onto fabric, proved to be just the right combination of color and texture for Carla’s aesthetic and tactile needs. By combining merino wool with silk fabric and scraps of yarn, she can play with a variety of these elements. In the process of dyeing her own silk for felting, Carla realized that she could learn different techniques and could dye a variety of items and fabrics; thus began her foray into dyeing, printing, and painting silk and yarn.


As a mom of two teenage boys and K-8 librarian for a local school district, Carla quite often feels called to her studio to get lost in creativity. Other than reading and gardening, she feels it is the perfect way to spend her alone time.

Carla can be reached at

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