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Katherine Weston
Ceramic Artist

Katherine graduated with a degree in fine arts and elementary education from the University of Michigan and later a master’s degree in sociology from Eastern Michigan University. Most of her adult life was spent doing secretarial work or being a research assistant, but she always produced and sold her artwork part time. Now that she is retired, she is a full time artist and is quite busy keeping up with the three venues where her work is shown.

Katherine's visual artwork has evolved from painting to printmaking to mixed media and then to the sculpture and pottery she does today. Every piece created is inspired by nature in some way... either by color, form, or pattern. She continues to paint and occasionally pull a print, but the world of clay has its grasp on her for now. Katherine enjoys hiding things in her more sculptural pieces (spirit houses in particular), so if it has a window, there most certainly will be a bit of nature, a positive word, or other visual surprise waiting on the inside.


Katherine can be reached at

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