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Horse Hill Studio

Curious ThingsCrafted

from Leather and Found Objects


Donlin Foreman – Owner/Leatherographer 

Jaya Lord – Leathersmith/Procurerator

Utility, Identity, and Craft

At Horse Hill Studio -

Improvisation on these three elements are the underpinning of our work with leather and found objects.

At Horse Hill Studio by the mill creek and amidst the brick and granite mill buildings, heirloom-quality works of shaped, stitched, and polished leathers are created in one of the oldest traditions in the world, by the hands of the craftsman. Here, a story unfolds physically in the look and feel of leather bags, birch candle sticks, foraging pouches, talismans and wall hangings, walnut “keepsake” boxes, buttons, roofing slate serving trays, and many other Curious Things for the hand and imagination to hold.

~ Everything Leather is oil or vegetable tanned cow hides. 

~ Everything Wood is repurposed:

Barn board from 1800s building in the Monanock Region

The limbs, twigs, and small trees we use are mainly fallow and found in the forests near Harrisville.

Bbarrette sticks, and sweater pins are hand fashioned from scraps of Walnut and Mahogany.

~ Everything Slate is repurposed roofing tiles from the Cheshire Mills complex in Harrisville. 

~ Embossing work is from original designs carved into linoleum blocks, from bookplates of “Sun Circles and Human Hands” (pub. 1957), Celtic images from ancient Pictish steles found in northern Scotland, 17-1800s embroidery patterns.   

Donlin and Jaya can be reach at or call 603-827-3626


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