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Donlin Foreman

Horse Hill Studio

At Horse Hill Studioby the mill creek and amidst the brick and granite mill buildings, heirloom-quality works ofshaped, stitched, and polished leathers are createdin one of the oldest traditions in the world, by the hands of the craftsman. Here, a story unfolds physically in the look and feel of leather door and cabinet handles, knobs, walnut “Keepsake” boxes, buttons and wall hangings designed for house, cabin, barn and stable.


~ Everything Leather is vegetable tanned domestic cow hides (saddle leather).

~ Everything Wood is repurposed:

Barn Board pieces are old palates used for stacking fire wood and old pine timbers from the renovation of the Trip Hammer Shop here in the Mill.

          Candle sticks and Walking sticks are found in the woods below Venable Rd. Harrisville.

         Knitting needles, Barrette sticks, and Sweater pins are hand fashioned from scraps of Walnut and Mahogany.

~ Everything Slate is broken pieces from the Mill roof.

~ All embossing work is from original designs except those embosed from book plates of “Sun Circles and Human Hands”.


Utility, Identity, Craft

Improvisation on these three elements is the foundation of my life as a craftsman.

 They were fundamental to my thirty five year career as a dancer/choreographer/director  and now they are the underpinning of my work with leather and found objects.

Custom Orders Encouraged 

Partial list of Studio Things:

Handles, Knobs, Bin Pulls

Hanging Pockets

Scarf Strips

Candle Sticks

Door Boards

Key Trees

Key Chains



Sweater Pins


Heirloom boxes (walnuts boxes)

Acorn Buttons

Donlin can be reach at or call 603-827-3626

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