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Donna Bascom Lund

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Donna has enjoyed drawing since as long as she can remember. She lived for that one day a week in elementary school when she had art. She has been fortunate to continue her art education in watercolors, soft pastels and more recently oils, through many wonderful teachers and fellow artists. 

She uses soft pastels in a more traditional style, applying layers to a sanded board. She experiments more with watercolors, working with a glazing technique and using a limited palette. Graded or solid washes in three primary colors are allowed to dry completely after each application of color. She then paints on the tinted 140 Arches paper with the same three primary colors, to make either a monochromatic or colorful painting. "I strive to show the viewer what I see in the landscape and nature; the atmosphere, the light and dark, the mood and magic."

Donna lives with ther husband, Perley, in picturesque East Alstead, NH. She attended area schools and graduated from Fall Mountain Regional High School in Langdon, in 1972. She obtained her Associates of Art degree from Green Mountain College in Putney, VT in 1974.

Favorite subjects include landscapes, nature, and architecture. The play of light and shadow and the beauty of nature inspire her. Observers have described her watercolors and soft pastels as calming and peaceful. 


Donna can be reached at

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