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 Jeffrey M. Lessels

Jeff's formative years were spent in New Hampshire and Colorado, where he learned to love climbing in trees, playing outside, and exploring the woods. By the time her was four, he was skiing on wooden skis on a farm hill with a rope tow and by seven at resorts like Winter Park and Arapahoe Basin in Colorado.  After moving back east, winters would find him skiing and sliding on wooden sleds, toboggans, and travois. In the summer he loved to find the perfect tree on which to perch a tree house made from wood and nails that could be scavenged. 

In 1968 his folks built a house in Charlestown, NH. He and his brothers helped clear the lot with axes and cross buck saws. " I think my parents meant to keep us wore out, so we wouldn't venture far." Helping with the home building process was the beginning of a journey that would last for many years. 

After twelve years of working as a commercial banker for Conn. River Bancorp, Inc. he decided it was time to follow his true passion. In 1987 he opened his own carpentry business and soon developed an enchantment with old homes and barns. He eventually taught himself to build cabinets and apply the use of hand tools in a way that he never thought possible. The result can be seen in his creative designs. Today, Jeff is officially retired, but still enjoys designing and building heirloom pieces of furniture, boxes, and kitchens implements.  

Jeff can be reached at

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